What is EMG?

Electromyography is measurement of the tiny electrical signals generated in your muscles when you move or flex.


What is FlexVolt?

FlexVolt is an EMG (electromyography) muscle sensor.  Connect it to your computer or smart phone to measure your own muscle signals!  Check out the Webstore , and Hardware Specs.

What Can You Do With FlexVolt?

Physical therapy feedback and retraining.  Biohacking, fitness monitoring, and self quantifying.  Control things with your muscles like lights, speakers, or your computer mouse.  Teach your class about biosignals.  See all apllications.

FlexVoltEMGThe FlexVolt Goal

Typical medical EMG systems cost thousands of dollars and are only found in hospitals or doctors’ offices.  My goal is to make an affordable but functional sensor to enable EMG measurements at home, and we have met that goal.  With FlexVolt, I have designed an affordable biosensor that anybody can use to measure their biosignals.


Send your questions, comments, or suggestions to:  info@flexvoltbiosensor.com or use the forums.

About Us: Who is behind FlexVolt?

Brendan Flynn, the guy behind FlexVolt, has worked on research and hardware projects in fields including tissue engineering, cancer diagnosis and treatment research, medical imaging, and biosensing.  He has a PhD in Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering.  These endeavors have each required custom devices and Brendan has built up a knowledge base of mechanical and electrical design along the way.  After years in university research, he wanted to transition focus to a combination of research and application to have a more direct impact.  He has a broader goal of making biotech and medtech devices simple and affordable, and FlexVolt is his first project.