Still Assembling! And a Phone App!

A round of FlexVolts shipped this week. Another round is ready to go, as soon as the end-panels are machined. I have yet to make a workable jig for machining the usb-plug and switch holes (rectangular) in the enclosure end-panels. For now, I machine them on a Bridgeport milling machine, which does a beautiful job, but is extreme overkill!

A learned this week that it can be difficult to find original products and avoid knock-offs. One example is a pcb-protected 14500-style rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The market is flooded with fake ‘trustfire’ and ‘ultrafire’ batteries. Some of these fakes have lower, or higher, capacities. Some are missing the over/under charge protection! I have for the time being chosen a Michigan-based battery supplier, paying higher prices for batteries to guarantee they are what they should be….

AND – I have a nearly-working mobile app running on Android. It finds and connects to FlexVolt. It can plot interactively. With a bit more work, I will have muscle signals plotted on my phone – Hooray!

Check it the github page if you’re into development: