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Currently Available Systems:

4 Channel & 8 Channel Bluetooth

4 Channel Hacker Arduino Shield

All other products sold out!

FlexVolt Bluetooth Sensor


Chose between 2/4/8 Channels. FlexVolt connects to your computer or Android device via Bluetooth and the FlexVolt Apps allow you to visualize, study, and use your muscle signals. Includes lead cables, a USB charging cable and sticker electrode starter pack. Re-supply packs available at the bottom of this page.

FlexVolt 2-Channel
Price: $115
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FlexVolt 4-Channel
Price: $150
In Stock? Yes

FlexVolt 8-Channel
Price: $215
In Stock?  Yes

FlexVolt Hacker (Arduino Shield)


The Hacker is an Arduino Shield, compatible with Uno and Mega platforms. Arduino codes and FlexVolt computer apps can be found on the software page.

Combine a 2-channel and a 4-channel for 6 measurement channels!

Hacker 2-Ch

Price: $60
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Hacker 4-Ch

Price: $95
In Stock? Yes


Bluetooth Adapter (Arduino Compatible)

***SOLD OUT***

Connect directly to your Arduino and use the Serial library to make your Arduino a Bluetooth device!

$10.00 USD

In Stock? NO

Sticker Electrode

Sticker Electrode Resupply

***SOLD OUT***

In Stock? NO

More sticker electrodes to keep the measurements going! Packs of 100. Choose between Dry Gel and Wet Gel. Dry Gels use a solid conductive/sticky substrate, making them cleaner. Wet Gels are how they sound – a wet conductive gel that will require a bit of cleanup afterward.