NOTE: FlexVolt Sensors are currently backordered. The first production round which is in the final testing stages before shipping to customers, has been sold out! As soon as this round passes all testing and quality control, a second production order will be placed. The current timeline is: Finish testing, ship first round, and order second round during the week of June 30. The second round should arrive by the ~3rd week of July!

FlexVolt USB and Bluetooth Models

FlexVolt Sensor - USB Model

Chose between 4 and 8 Channels. Each order includes a sticker electrode starter pack. Each order also includes a USB cable. Add Bluetooth functionality for $30 more. Both USB and Bluetooth versions can connect to your computer via USB. Bluetooth models charge their battery over USB. Computer apps can be found on the software page.

FlexVolt USB connects to your computer USB port and the FlexVolt Viewer Apps allow you to visualize, study, and use your signals. Electrode starter pack included.

USB 4-Ch

$115.00 USD

USB 8-Ch

$180.00 USD

Bluetooth (USB+$30)

Combine wireless Bluetooth function with the USB model. Electrode starter pack included.

USB+Bluetooth 4-Ch

$145.00 USD

USB+Bluetooth 8-Ch

$210.00 USD

FlexVolt Hacker (Arduino Shield)

FlexVolt Hacker

The Hacker is an Arduino Shield, compatible with Uno and Mega platforms. Arduino codes and FlexVolt computer apps can be found on the software page.

Interested in a 2-channel or 6-channel hacker? Let us know at and if we get enough interest we’ll add that option!

Hacker 4-Ch

4-Channels, electrode starter pack included

$95.00 USD


Bluetooth Adapter (Arduino Compatible)

Connect directly to your Arduino and use the Serial library to make your Arduino a Bluetooth device!

You will have to supply your own Arduino-compatible battery pack.

$10.00 USD

Sticker Electrode

Sticker Electrode Resupply

More sticker electrodes to keep the measurements going! Sealed packs of 100. Choose between Dry Gel and Wet Gel. Dry Gels use a solid conductive/sticky substrate, making them cleaner, and also reusable (1-3 times depending on use). Wet Gels are how they sound – a wet conductive gel that will require a bit of cleanup afterward, and Wet Gels are typically single-use.