Production Run 2 is Back! Shipping has begun (for Hacker Models)!

500LeadCablesLeads Arrived, Hackers Started Shipping!

The custom lead cables finally arrived last week.  All 500!  These will each be tested before shipping.  A tedious effort, but worth it to ensure all shipped products function properly! HackersAndLeadCables

FlexVolt Hackers (Arduino Shields) were the first models ordered from production, to test the production house and the design basics, because the Arduino Shields are simpler electronically (fewer components, no brain).  Shown above are the assembled and tested Hackers, along with a bundle of tested lead cable sets.  Several Hackers have already shipped for pre-order customers who did not also order USB or Bluetooth models.  The Arduino Codes and Computer Apps will go up on the software page any day now.


PCB_Shipment2_USB_Bluetooth_HackerAnd Finally!

PCB_Shipment2_USB_BT_Hacker_BoxPCB Production Run 2, including USB, Bluetooth, and Hacker boards, arrived!  For the USB and Bluetooth models, these boards are the first PCB versions of the designs.  Everything up to this point has been breadboard and protoboard.  It’s very exciting and rewarding to see the design take form as an electronic board!

What next?  These steps remain before shipment of USB models begins:

  1. Inspect and Test – verify components and solder junctions
  2. Flash firmware and test PCB function in USB mode
  3. Machine enclosures to accommodate channel plugs, USB cable, switches, and LEDs

Along with those steps, 1 additional hitch exists for the Bluetooth models:  Bluetooth antennae have been delayed in shipping.  I am not sure if they just lost the order, or if they had none in stock when I placed the order, but they are already 2 weeks overdue.  A second batch was ordered 2 weeks ago from a backup vendor, with the hope that at least one of the shipments will arrive in the next 1-2 weeks.