EMG Hacker 4


An Arduino shield that makes it possible to measure EMG signals from up to 4 muscles simultaneously.  Achieve your research or biohacking goals with Arduino and FlexVolt Hacker!

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The FlexVolt Hacker is an Arduino-compatible EMG shield that makes it possible to add electromyography to any Arduino project.

Hardware Details:

  • Measurement Channels:  4
  • Power: Arduino 5V
  • Data Transfer:  Serial over USB  (default)
  • Wireless Options:  Use any Arduino Bluetooth/Wifi shield or adapter
  • Sampling Rate: Configurable up to 2kHz
  • Signal Measurement: Arduino Analog Pins 0-3
  • Plug-in Detection:  Arduino Digital Pins 2-5
  • Sensor Gain:  1845
  • ADC resolution: 10 bits (Arduino)
  • Dynamic Range:  1.355 mV
  • Theoretical Resolution:
    • 10 bits: ~ 2.65uV (Dynamic Range / 512 bits)
    • 8 bits:  ~ 10.6uV (Dynamic Range / 128 bits)
  • Package: Arduino shield compatible with Uno, Mega
  • Additional Features:  Plug-in detection to know which channels are connected

Software Details:

Additional information

Additional information

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Dimensions6 x 5.5 x 3 cm