This past month, FlexVolt hit several milestones:

  • Fulfilled ALL remaining pre-orders.    The 8-channel Bluetooth model was the hold-up due to some design revisions, but now the design is complete and tested.
  • Chrome App (in beta testing now!) – A much improved version of the FlexVolt Viewer has been developed using google’s Chrome app framework.  It’s a big step up from the Processing version in both form and function!
  • Android App (in beta testing now!) – An Android-compatible version of the FlexVolt Viewer app is currently being tested by a small group of FlexVolt users.  This app should become publicly available before the end of March, 2015!

Moving Forward With User Feedback

I have been receiving great feedback from FlexVolt customers and the app beta-testing group.  Medical professionals who are interested in using FlexVolt have expressed excitement over the existence (‘finally’) of a device like FlexVolt, which makes EMG measurement simple and affordable.  I am working with input from these professionals to add useful software features, including additional measurement modes and physical therapy games, to make FlexVolt better!