So you tried running FlexVolt Viewer on your Mac, and you got this message:

“FlexVoltViewer” is damaged and can’t be opened.  You should move it to the Trash.”

Do not worry – the viewer is NOT broken!  The FlexVolt Viewer app is not signed for development by Mac, so your Mac assumes it is broken.  This is actually just a security setting that you can change following the steps below.  If you do not feel comfortable changing your security settings, then use the Processing workaround instead!

  • First, try Control-Clicking on the icon, then select Open.
  • If that does not work and you get the same message, click the question mark “?”
  • This will open the help center “The app has been modified or damaged”
  • Click “Open the General pane of Security & Privacy preferences
  • In the “General” tab, you will see a section called “Allow apps downloaded from:”
  • select “Anywhere”
  • If you cannot change this option, and it is faded, click the padlock in the bottom left corner “Click the lock to make changes”
  • Type in your password (you need admin rights)
  • Now select “Anywhere”
  • You will get a warming – “Choosing “Anywhere” makes your Mac less secure.  Instead, you can allow an individual application from an unknown developer by control-clicking its icon and selecting Open”
  • Unfortunately, that recommendation does not work on all Macs – If you have made it to this step, you already tried it!
  • Select “Allow From Anywhere”
  • Now try opening the FlexVolt Viewer
  • You may get a message telling you this app has been downloaded from the internet and may not be trustworthy.
  • Open it anyway.

If none of this works, and you still can’t open, contact us at with details and we will try and help!