FlexVolt Batch 3 Progress

Well I’d hoped to have batch 3 of FlexVolt production PCBs by today, but, as usual, the production house is taking twice as long as expected to assemble and ship the PCBs…  I have a tracking number, and I have seen pictures of the assembled PCBs, so at least I know I should be getting them soon!  And then testing, assembling, programming, and shipping the rest of the pre-order FlexVolts!

In other news, I have finally started to get feedback on software usage, and I have already started building v3 of the FlexVolt app for desktop computers to address reported bugs.  There is also now a FlexVolt mobile app under development!  There is the possibility of developing a sleek mobile app, then porting it to desktop apps, which might offer a nicer form factor than the current Processing-based app.   I also have a test forum up and running – it will go live once I am convinced it is reliable.

Questions?  Comments?  Bug reports?  info@flexvoltbiosensor.com