FlexVolt Arduino Shield Order Placed

Arduino Shield – prototypes were assembled and tested this past week, and the results were good – no major, or even minor, issues were found.  The production versions of the PCBs were finalized, and orders were placed for PCB printing, components, and assembly.  The supply chain took longer than expected to establish, but things are rolling again now!  FlexVolt Arduino Shield Units should arrive around the end of March.  Assuming no issues in quality control and testing, these units should then quickly ship to fulfill pre-orders in the first week of April.

FlexVolt USB/Bluetooth – Patient protection, sensing circuitry, shielding, and power management are now finalized.  Next is packaging – how the PCB fits in the enclosure, and custom machining of ports for USB and lead wires.  Prototypes will be ordered this week for assembly and testing.

Lead wires – custom lead wires were designed, including an injection molding tool.  The tool is made, and prototype lead wires should arrive this week for testing.