Bluetooth Sensors Started Shipping!

This week, after several weeks of extensive testing, FlexVolt Bluetooth models are finally rolling out!  Hooray!

This is very exciting, and has been months in the making.  The USB and Hacker (Arduino Shield) models have been shipping for a while now, and are currently in stock – yes you read correctly, Hackers and USB models now actually ship when you order them!

The Bluetooth Model took considerably longer for a number of reasons, some foreseen, some unexpected.

  • The Bluetooth FlexVolts are more complicated – more components, a switch, power management, battery charging, actually connecting to your computer, and on, and on.  This means more time for development, assembly, and testing.  Expected.
  • One of the first Lithium-ion batteries tested in a bulk order was defective!  During routine testing this battery entered a defective state commonly thought of as “thermal runaway” and overheated.  Unexpected.  If you want the details, check out the previous post.

Now it is time to build the forum, expand the software, and start posting educational materials!