Arduino Shields Ready to Go, Cables Delayed!

The FlexVolt Arduino Shields arrived last week.  The boards were well assembled and arrived on time, and the assembler even included the spare parts and solder mask.  DSC_0121-1After soldering the remaining components in-house, the boards went through testing and worked as designed.  So far so good!DSC_0135

The cable supply line has not been quite as smooth.  A mix-up in the initial round of samples led to poor signal, and an additional week of troubleshooting and back-and-forth with the manufacturer and a week to produce and ship another round of improved samples has finally led to a functional lead set.  I ordered the production batch today (500 lead sets!) and should get them in within 2 weeks.  I am disappointed that this delay has set back the predicted ship date for Hacker Shields from the 1st week to the 3rd week of April, but I did not want to rush through at the sacrifice of quality.

Now back to finalizing designs for the USB and Bluetooth models for production orders, and testing and finalization of firmware.