Arduino Shields Printed and Assembled

Just got word from the assembly house that the production test batch of FlexVolt Hacker Shields is assembled and shipping from the factory soon.  This is slightly ahead of schedule, which is very exciting!  Once they arrive and pass testing, they start shipping to the early supporters.  Here are images from the factory:

Printed PCBs:FlexVolt_Hacker_v1.8_PCBAnd now assembled:FlexVolt_Hacker_v1.8_Assembled

The custom lead samples also arrived this week.  Now for final testing, and if all goes well, it’s time to place a large order (500!).  Here’s what a lead set looks like plugged into a prototype Arduino Shield:


Over the next week I’ll be finalizing the Computer-side code and the Arduino Code necessary to run the FlexVolt Hacker Shield.  Time will also go into tutorials and lesson plans, so that everything is ready by the time customers start getting the Arduino Shields!