Check out the videos and photos below for example applications of the FlexVolt!

Physical Therapy: FlexVolt is not a medical device, but you can use it to measure your muscle signals at home

  • Biofeedback – Get feedback for PT exercises when you can’t tell if the muscle is flexing, such as after an ACL or total knee replacement.
  • Motivational Physical Therapy games – Increase motivation to complete PT exercises at home using muscle-based games.
  • Fitness – Use FlexVolt to track your workout progress, set goals, or evaluate your muscle health.
  • Example

Biofeedback and Biohacking:  Use you biosignals to expand your abilities

  • Control a prosthetic device or a computer mouse
  • Monitor ergonomics to avoid repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel

Education:  Teach others about the signals generated by the human body!

  • Measure and view biosignals
  • Study properties like amplitude and frequency
  • Save and output data for projects
  • Example
  • See our education page for lesson plans, project ideas, quizzes, and more!

Interact:  The open-source (free!) software provided will also help you use your muscles to control nearly ANYTHING with FlexVolt:

  • Replace your mouse – Use FlexVolt for mouse-based work or games.
  • Make Music – use FlexVolt to control rhythm, pitch, and chords to make your own muscle riffs.
  • Drive Motors – Use FlexVolt to control a robotic arm.  A whole robot.  A remote-control car….
  • Create a light show tied to your muscles.
  • Biohacking – use your signals to do something creative

Connect FlexVolt to your muscles


Study you muscle signals


Motivational Games (and computer control)