Our Mission

Electromyography (EMG) provides an objective measure of muscle activity that can be useful in guiding exercises for physical training and rehabilitative therapy.  The FlexVolt goal is to make EMG sensors accessible to enable muscle monitoring anywhere and we have developed several sensors to meet that goal.

Our Vision

FlexVolt has the potential to provide the objective feedback and encouragement necessary for patients to control and maintain their therapy to an extent that is not possible with standard clinic-based tools.

The FlexVolt Team

Brendan Flynn

Brendan Flynn has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and extensive experience in biomedical and electrical engineering. He has worked on research and hardware projects in fields including tissue engineering, cancer diagnosis and treatment research, and medical imaging. These endeavors have each required custom devices and Brendan has built up a knowledge base of mechanical and electrical design along the way. After years in university research, he wanted to transition to working on projects that have a more direct impact, and set off with the goal of making helpful biomedical devices and technologies more accessible. The FlexVolt project is his first attempt at this goal.

Grant Support

The FlexVolt Project recently won commercialization assistance supported by NIH P2CHD086841 from the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development and the Center for Translation of Rehabilitation Engineering Advances and Technology!