8- and 4-channel Bluetooth are Soon-to-be-back-in-stock!

As usual, the process of ordering PCBs – communicating with the assembly house, placing orders, correcting errors, working through questions, dealing with them using the wrong files, and finally seeing good photos of complete PCBs and asking them to PLEASE ship them to me before Christmas – took longer than it should have.

The good news : The next round of FlexVolts is on its way to me, and that means that in 1-2 weeks, it’ll be on it’s way to you!

The additional good news for me: The next FlexVolt order I place will likely be large enough to move to a more response PCB printing and assembly house = Hooray!

Here’s what the new 8-channel bluetooth PCBs look like:

FlexVolt Bluetooth 8-channel, version 2.

FlexVolt Bluetooth 8-channel, version 2.

This version has a bigger footprint, allowing for 8 channels in a row, instead of 4 on 4 stacked (version 1). The USB interface was removed for simplification and safety – now Flexvolt NEVER has to be connected to the computer while you are measuring data, and you can’t measure data while it’s charging. This might seem like the loss of a feature, but the gains in safety are worth it, and nearly everything has Bluetooth! For systems that don’t have Bluetooth, USB dongles can be obtained and set up very cheaply.

The software is nearly done. I’ve migrated everything to JAVA (from Processing), added a bunch of features, and made it easier for community members to add their own app pages! Now back to work…