The Chrome App and Android App are here!

This software is NEW.  Please be patient, and send all feedback and bug reports to for now!  Alternatively, use the in-app bug report generator in the ‘help’ and ‘connection’ pages.  Be sure to include details!

Google Chrome App

Android Mobile App

The Chrome App should run on any computer running the Google Chrome Web Browser.

You must pair your Android or computer with the sensor the first time you use it.  Use the default pairing code ‘0000’.  After that, unless manually removed, the pairing should be saved.

Screen shots:

Home Page: fv_screenshot_home_640x400 Trace Plotting Task:



iOS Note:  An iOS app is not currently planned.  While Android devices connect with FlexVolt as-is, additional hardware is required to connect to Apple devices.  In the short term, this means FlexVolt will not connect with iOS devices.  Disappointing Apple!  If I get enough requests, I’ll look into a redesign.

FlexVolt Hacker Arduino Code

Arduino Code (right click, save as)- Arduino .ino sketch file.  Fully commented, extensively tested on UNO with the FlexVolt Hacker. Make sure to comment in or out the appropriate channel mapping section at the top of the file!!

For Developers

Interested in helping develop the app?  Contact to find out how!