Check out the videos and photos below for example applications of the FlexVolt!

Physical Therapy: FlexVolt is not a medical device, but you can use it to measure your muscle signals at home

  • Biofeedback – Get feedback for PT exercises when you can’t tell if the muscle is flexing, such as after an ACL or total knee replacement.
  • Motivational Physical Therapy games – Increase motivation to complete PT exercises at home using muscle-based games.
  • Fitness – Use FlexVolt to track your workout progress, set goals, or evaluate your muscle health.
  • Example

Biofeedback and Biohacking:  Use you biosignals to expand your abilities

  • Control a prosthetic device or a computer mouse
  • Monitor ergonomics to avoid repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel

Education:  Teach others about the signals generated by the human body!

  • Measure and view biosignals
  • Study properties like amplitude and frequency
  • Save and output data for projects
  • Example
  • See our education page for lesson plans, project ideas, quizzes, and more!

Interact:  The open-source (free!) software provided will also help you use your muscles to control nearly ANYTHING with FlexVolt:

  • Replace your mouse – Use FlexVolt for mouse-based work or games.
  • Make Music – use FlexVolt to control rhythm, pitch, and chords to make your own muscle riffs.
  • Drive Motors – Use FlexVolt to control a robotic arm.  A whole robot.  A remote-control car….
  • Create a light show tied to your muscles.
  • Biohacking – use your signals to do something creative

Connect FlexVolt to your muscles


Study you muscle signals


Motivational Games (and computer control)



Make Music with your muscles, but maybe not quite like this guy: